How do I do what I do?

This is my basic digital process, although there’s much more to it, I want to give you an idea of how your print came to be.

I start with a photograph, illustration, or eco-print that I want to be the basis of my piece. I search my huge file of textures – photographs I’ve taken for textural purposes or textural papers that I’ve created and scanned – and choose some that I think will work well toward my final visual goal. I’ll often use other photographs that might enhance the primary photo and sometimes will illustrate details (pen and ink or graphite) or create a painting (I love working with my hands) for areas that I want to enhance. I then digitally layer these elements in Photoshop and combine them in various ways, generally masking out specific areas so that I can use a different effect on them. Through the process, I am constantly making or adding new layers with different effects, so I often end up with anywhere from 20 to 50 or more layers. I then use digital effects – filters, painting, blending, transparency, etc — until I either get what I visualized…or…the magical world of Photoshop takes over and gives me something far better than what I was aiming for. 

My digital prints are printed on archival paper that has a metallic emulsion on the surface. My eco-prints and illustrations are on printable watercolor paper.

“As an aspiring writer, myself, I admire any artist who is brave and determined
enough to put their art out on display for the world to see.
Your work is beautiful. Thank you for being an example of what can happen to artists who are willing to go through the efforts to achieve their dream.