About Roka

Inspired by nature~
~ Moved by its beauty ~
~ Fueled by the creative process

International award-winning artist—transforming nature—one image at a time.

Photo of Roka
Roka, at an art exhibit with her piece, Origins, behind her.

My artistic journey has taken me to many places and multiple disciplines. Over the years I’ve with several mediums: clay, fused glass, jewelry, photography, technical and product illustration, colored pencil, graphite and charcoal, eco-printing, printmaking, and graphic design. I honed my skills in Photoshop after I landed in the technical world professionally, as an instructor, illustrator, and graphic artist. I dabbled in photography on the side, but it wasn’t until I blended my photos with some of those mediums and digital skills, my love of the natural world, and the beauty of Oregon (my home state) that I really discovered where my imagination could go. I love to start with an image and create colors, shapes, and textures that are totally unexpected and then let it go and allow the piece to lead me to the finish line. I’ve really never been a person who likes rules or boundaries. That may be why I landed where I did, artistically. Finishing my work digitally allows me to go far beyond the expected. I just go where my art takes me.

Image of Roka & Steve in Depot Bay, Oregon
Roka & Steve in Depot Bay, Oregon

My partner, Steve, and I recently moved to a new home. Along with our household, we also moved my studio. It’s bigger and brighter than my previous one and I’ve had fun making it into a space where I can feel and act on my inspirations and work with an array of tools and supplies that I’ve been collecting for decades. AND…I can hold Open Studio Shows, as well as make appointments with curious art lovers (if you’re interested, please visit my contact page). I believe I’ve found my rhythm although I’m quite sure that the beat will change and surprise me as time goes by.

“You have a clarity, a peace, a sense of self that is bedrock solid.” ~ R.S.