It’s Open Studio Season

It’s that time of year when many artists open their studio doors and invite guests to visit and see new and (sometimes) old work. Well, that’s happening here, too. On the heels of our fun and successful 8th Annual Open Studio Show & Sale, I am opening my studio on Saturday, November 19th & Saturday, December 10th – both days from 11 pm – 5 pm. Located in Springfield, Oregon – please contact me for my address. If you can’t make it on either of those days or would prefer a personal visit, I welcome you to make an appointment to visit me in the studio and see what I’ve been up to.

The Sentinel and Fish Moon. These were my 2 most popular prints at the 8th Annual Open Studio.

Singin’ The Blues

I have a thing for leaves of all seasons, but I hold a special place for the leaves of autumn. These lie on the ground, cracked and curled and their textures were deep. Fallen leaves. Of course, I had to change them up, because that’s what I tend to do. Presenting…The Blues.

Photographs and handmade textured papers — digitally layered and manipulated.

Image of bright blue and yellow leaves.
The Blues
Archival print. 12 x 8/$70, 18 x 12/$115, Greeting Card /$4


I’m still getting images posted to the galleries. I hope you can enjoy what is here now. I’ve recently added a personal favorite (I have several), Sentinel. I took the original photo of this bare tree at Edgefield, outside of Portland, Oregon. This is one of several renditions. I digitally altered this piece, and then used the Prisma app on it (sometimes I can’t help myself…it’s a really fun app) and then greatly altered it again and again in Photoshop, using photographic textural images, an etched copper plate, and fabric. I added the crow because…well…it needed one.

You can see the other renditions in the video below the image.

Image of a crow atop a leafless tree
The Sentinel
Archival print. 12 x 8/$70, 18 x 12/$115, Greeting Card /$4

Video of some variations on this piece.


Creating eco-prints is one of my favorite mediums. I had so much fun while painting and altering this piece. It reminds me of curtain or upholstery fabric from the 40s.
Doing an eco-printing run is a rather big undertaking, taking up a good part of two or three days, so I only do it a few times a year. I try to do at least one each spring, summer, and fall so that I can work with a nice variety of leaves and flowers. Unfortunately, I haven’t done one for over a year as we were so busy with our move and redoing my studio. Fortunately, I have a bit of free time these days, so I’m planning on doing one soon. You can read about my eco-printing on my process page.

Eco-print on paper, enhanced with watercolor and digitally altered.
Archival print. 8 x 12/$105, 12 x 18/$145, Greeting Card/$4


Sometime in late spring, a friend and I were walking some back trails around Hendrick’s Park in Eugene, Oregon, and came upon a really beautiful dogwood tree. I had not seen one quite like it and took some photos of its flowers. Of course, I had to do “my thing” to it and change it almost completely. Abstract in many ways, but you can still see some of the dogwood blossoms in between the ribbons of color. I created two other renditions of it, but I fell in love with this one. I hope you enjoy it, as well.

Image of a digitally altered dogwood.
Archival print. 12 x 8/$70, 18 x 12/$115, Greeting Card/$4

Three Bales

We spent a sweet time in Seattle recently visiting family. Driving home on I-5, I took many photos from the moving car. It’s a fun challenge. I was amazed at the detail that this one caught. I played with it a lot – using Prisma (I occasionally use this app…it gives some fun results) and then my studio-mate, Photoshop. I love the picturesque quality of haybale season.

Altered image of 3 bales of hay in a field, backed by mountains.
Three Bales
Archival print. 8 x 12/$70, 12 x 18/$115, Greeting Card/$4

Welcome to my blog/gallery!

I am a mixed media imagery artist. My work is based in photography, as well as eco-printing and illustration – all of which are then altered in Photoshop.

I recently decided to shut down my webshop because it was a bit time-consuming. As I get older, I discover more and more how life is just too short to spend my time marketing my artwork when I’d rather be in the studio making it. Or spending time with my sweetie, Steve, and our rather old border/heeler, Lady. She’s 17 and 1/2 and still loves to play fetch at the beach, although she is only able to go after a couple of throws at a time. And last, but certainly not least, we also have 6 fully-grown children between us and oodles of grandkiddos!

I hope you enjoy what you see here. It would be lovely to hear your thoughts and questions. I love conversing with artists and art lovers and people in general. Oh…and please let me know if you find any dead links or issues with the site.

Image of Roka & Steve in Depot Bay, Oregon
Roka & Steve in Depot Bay, Oregon
Our old dog, Lady
One of my favorite photos of our old rescue, Lady. She’s 16 1/2 here.