Welcome to my blog/gallery!

I am a mixed media imagery artist. My work is based in photography, as well as eco-printing and illustration – all of which are then altered in Photoshop.

I recently decided to shut down my webshop because it was a bit time-consuming. As I get older, I discover more and more how life is just too short to spend my time marketing my artwork when I’d rather be in the studio making it. Or spending time with my sweetie, Steve, and our rather old border/heeler, Lady. She’s 17 and 1/2 and still loves to play fetch at the beach, although she is only able to go after a couple of throws at a time. And last, but certainly not least, we also have 6 fully-grown children between us and oodles of grandkiddos!

I hope you enjoy what you see here. It would be lovely to hear your thoughts and questions. I love conversing with artists and art lovers and people in general. Oh…and please let me know if you find any dead links or issues with the site.

Image of Roka & Steve in Depot Bay, Oregon
Roka & Steve in Depot Bay, Oregon
Our old dog, Lady
One of my favorite photos of our old rescue, Lady. She’s 16 1/2 here.